The Inquiry Educators Summit (TIES), 2022 - A Festival of Learning Like No Other

December 08, 2021
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Toddle announces the third edition of TIES 2022 - The Inquiry Educators Summit starting March 5, 2022.

Progressive educators around the world are constantly looking to fill their toolbox with strategies, ideas and inspiration. Created for educators to transform their practice, The Inquiry Educators Summit (TIES) is back with its third and biggest edition yet. In the 2 years since its inception, TIES has inspired over 40,000 educators from 100+ countries to learn, share, and discover new ideas. 

Designed to be a festival of learning like no other, TIES 2022 will feature 100+ phenomenal speakers across 10 unique session formats. The event will be divided into 3 distinct clusters and will provide educators with meaningful opportunities to foster lifelong connections, learn new strategies and transfer learnings to their classrooms.

  • Connect, the pre-conference (March 5-6, 2022) - Where like-minded inquiry educators from around the world will meet and engage
  • Learn, the main conference (March 11-13, 2022) - Where 100+ edu-heroes and fellow classroom practitioners will share bid ideas and actionable strategies
  • Transfer, the post-conference (April-July, 2022) - Where participants will turn ideas into action through collaborative reflection and sharing .

Featuring visionary thinkers such as Sugata Mitra, Kath Murdoch, Yaacov Hecht, Ron Ritcchart, Trevor MacKenzie, Sylvia Duckworth amongst others, TIES 2022 promises to be an unparalleled opportunity for progressive educators around the world to get hands-on with inquiry gurus, discover limitless ideas, forge lifelong connections, and most importantly, to energize and have fun! 

“As teachers ourselves, we understand the importance of high quality professional learning. With TIES, our aspiration is to host the most memorable and well-rounded conference experience for educators where they not only get exposed to new ideas but also get a chance to connect with like minded folks from around the world.” Deepanshu, CEO at Toddle.

Early bird tickets are available till end of December 2022 for individuals and groups. You can get your All Access Pass here


The Inquiry Educators Summit (TIES) is hosted by Toddle, an all-in-one teaching-learning platform for IB and other progressive schools. Used by 30,000+ educators around the world, Toddle empowers teaching teams to plan collaboratively, assess authentically, document learning journeys, and engage families - all from one intuitive interface.

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