Wicomico County Public Schools Partners with Air Tutors To Bring Specialized Math Tutoring to Struggling Students

October 20, 2021
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Alyssa Miller
AM Mediaworks

The high dosage virtual tutoring program will accelerate learning for the district’s 4th - 12th graders

Earlier this year, the Maryland Department of Education announced $780 million in relief funding to local school systems in an effort to close the learning gap due to the pandemic. As a result, Wicomico County Public Schools (WCPS), a district of nearly 15,000 students, today announced a partnership with Air Tutors, an evidence-based virtual tutoring platform, targeted to reach students in grades 4 -12  struggling with math in order to catch them up to grade level in an expedited time.

Amid the national tutoring shortage crisis, Air Tutors offers U.S. school districts like Wicomico County Public School, access to its roster of highly- qualified, bilingual tutors with an average of 9+ years of experience to create and deliver bespoke and outcome-driven high dosage, 1:1 or small group tutoring programs. In addition to aligning with Wicomico County Public Schools strategic goals to accelerate the learning of specific student population groups, Air Tutors reaches students and parents in their native language - either by email, SMS text, or over the phone -   in order to drive student engagement and achievement.

"We chose Air Tutors to create a customized math tutoring program because the company has deep and impressive efficacy on its approach, an intuitively designed learning platform, and high-quality educators," said Dr. Brian Raygor, Director of Curriculum, Instructional Resources, & Professional Development for Wicomico County Public Schools. "It's critical to our district that our struggling students have effective tutoring that will move them forward efficiently, especially as school districts recover from pandemic closures."

This is Air Tutors’ second specialized tutoring program in Maryland. Through a partnership with NorthBay Adventures, a community-based organization, the Maryland Department of Education also collaborates with Air Tutors to provide a customized tutoring program to accelerate reading outcomes for 6th and 7th graders.

“Air Tutors is proud to work with districts like Wicomico and non-profits like NorthBay Education to offer high dosage tutoring programs that reach and meet the unique needs of its student population," said Hasan Ali, Founder and CEO of Air Tutors. "Our interactive whiteboard and small group programs were tested and perfected before the pandemic hit, so we have been able to provide efficient support to districts at an intensified time of need while also personalizing learning to empower all students to learn and grow.”

Founded in 2016 in Stockton, California, Air Tutors brings highly specialized 1:1 or small group tutoring in dozens of subjects to struggling students across U.S. school districts. Air Tutors provides an interactive virtual experience through a time-tested learning platform supported by quality, bilingual tutors with 9+ years of teaching experience on average in the U.S. The virtual high dosage tutoring is available seven days a week during and after school to fit busy schedules. Every program is customized to meet students’ individual needs and is aligned with the specific requirements of each school district. The measured and consistent student achievement across districts and institutions brought the Air Tutor team to guide Harvard University and Brown University on effective tutoring practices. For more information, visit: https://airtutors.org/