AVID Reveals Summer’s Hottest Topics for Professional Development in K-12 Education

June 21, 2021

Educators Preparing to Return to In-Person Teaching Are Focused on Strategies for Greater Engagement, Rigor, Literacy and Equity in the Classroom

What do educators feel they need to learn before returning to in-person classrooms this fall? AVID (Advancement Via Individual Development), the largest provider of summer professional development, has released the hottest topics of summer 2021, revealing that K-12 educators are focused on accelerating student potential and transforming classrooms with more engaging, student-centered approaches.

Using data pulled from 26,000 teachers of the most requested topics in AVID’s Digital XP 2021 summer professional learning, the non-profit organization found that teachers are most interested in topics related to engaging students, rigor, literacy and equity in the classroom. The most sought-after Communities of Practice for AVID’s summer learnings include:

Creating Engaging and Rigorous Classrooms—A systemic approach to scaffolding student success with rigorous content, this session explores strategies to build safe and equitable learning spaces that create connected learning communities. 

Academic Language and Literacy Architects: Language Building Through Culture and Identity—This session focuses on how educators can better support students in using their own voice, culture, identity, and language to access and produce language-rich content. 

Leading Change for Educational Equity—Education leaders learn how to cultivate and maintain learning systems that insist on rigor, break down barriers, align work and advocate for students.

Fostering an Equitable and Engaging Culture in Classrooms—Participants explore community-building activities and strategies for empowering students and developing engaging classrooms to close the opportunity gap.

“With most schools planning to return to in-person instruction in the fall, educators clearly recognize the importance of relevant professional learning to accelerate student learning,” said Lynn Kepp, Ph.D., Vice President, Executive Communications and Project Management Office, AVID. “As we can see from AVID’s top requested sessions for the summer of 2021, educators are eager to integrate systems that support students with rigorous learning and engaging classroom communities.”

AVID DigitalXP is a virtual professional development experience that engages participants in three days of learning with AVID’s experienced facilitators to develop effective instructional strategies in support of students’ college and career readiness. Educators can access AVID’s vast digital resources, interact and network in a Community of Practice and plan for the new school year with their colleagues and site teams. 

“More than 27,000 educators have already participated in AVID DigitalXP, demonstrating a widespread commitment to bringing the best instructional and leadership strategies for student engagement into the nation’s classrooms and schools,” noted Kepp. 

To learn more about how AVID’s professional development initiatives can help accelerate learning at your school today, contact AVID.

About AVID

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Development) is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing lives by helping schools shift to more equitable, student-centered approaches. We train 85,000 educators annually to close the opportunity gap, so they can prepare all students for college, careers and life. When schools partner with AVID, they receive professional development, a suite of resources and ongoing support to ensure a lasting impact to help maximize student success.