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Skillsline Essentials Equips High School Students With Daily Dose of Essential Career-Readiness

May 13, 2021

May 13, 2021—Chicago, IL—Skillsline Group, the lifelong learning and career success company, announced today the launch of its first skills acquisition learning product for the high school market, Skillsline Essentials. Skillsline Essentials is the first-of-its-kind, mobile-first solution to address essential soft skill development through a fresh, modern technology platform that delivers "career-ready essential skills” to students in easily accessible daily micro lessons that take less than ten minutes to complete on a mobile phone.

“While opportunities for high school students to access work-based and experiential learning have increased significantly in the last decade, accompanying opportunities to gain a foundational understanding and language associated with career-ready essential skills seems to be missing,” said Courtney Reilly, co-founder of Skillsline Group, formerly head of market development at LEAP Innovations.

The Skillsline Essentials program advances five critical competencies for career-readiness that cover 30+ essential skills:

●      self-agency,

●      collaboration,

●      higher order thinking,

●      intentionality, and

●      results orientation.

Students attain these skills by completing a daily 10-minute “challenge”, actively engaging with question-based content throughout the lesson and concluding with a daily reflection on their learning. Content is scaffolded to support ongoing development and focused on practical shifts in mindsets, routines, responses, and actions that can build the muscle memory of applying essential skills.

After having his students participate in an early pilot of Skillsline Essentials, high school educator at Blue Valley School District and Founding Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Network Corey Mohn noted, “Skillsline provides highly relevant content and language that drives work-based learning concepts in the classroom.  Our students grew in knowledge and confidence as a result, helping them on their journey to becoming career-minded young professionals.”

Skillsline Essentials can be used to augment multiple existing programs within a high school. Educators see an especially strong fit in using the program to deepen CTE learning, bring career relevancy to SEL programs, and support meaningful conversations during advisory time.

“Skillsline is offering content that we’ve recognized for decades can make or break a career,” said co-founder Chris Mackey, formerly general manager of The Myers-Briggs Innovation Labs. “But for the first time, we are delivering it in a way that’s resonating with students and meeting them where they are.”

Schools or organizations working with students can reach out for more information on Skillsline Essentials to [email protected] 


About Skillsline

Skillsline is the go-to platform solution for educational institutions to support young people in developing the essential human skills they will need for lifelong learning and career success. The platform uses mobile-first micro-lessons and active learning techniques to break complex concepts into short, engaging, and accessible daily challenges that enable practical shifts in mindsets and actions as learners develop the skills needed for academic, career, and life success. Visit Skillsline at for more information.