HapYak Launches Video L10N to Solve Equity and Access in Education Through Video

April 01, 2021

Video Engagement Platform Brings Fast, Easy and Inexpensive AI-Powered Speech-to-Text, Machine-Vision and Translation to Educators

BOSTON, April 1, 2021 - HapYak, the leading interactive video platform for enterprises, announces the launch of Video L10N, the only video engagement platform with comprehensive video accessibility and translation capabilities for the education market. Going far beyond legal accessibility compliance, Video L10N uses the power of artificial intelligence speech-to-text, machine-vision and translation to make the video content itself fully accessible to all students. 


Video is widely recognized as a powerful educational tool and the pandemic has accelerated the transition of schools toward digital content to ensure educators can create equitable and accessible video-based lessons for K-12 students. With the release of Video L10N (pronounced “lion”), powered by HapYak, educators will have fast and inexpensive access to the industry's first fully accessible video engagement platform with built-in interaction and captioning, accessibility and translation capabilities.  Schools and districts will be able to leverage video for inclusive communications that speak to all students and families. 


"During the pandemic, there has been a seismic shift in the use of educational video from supplemental content to core content. As core content, it must not only be engaging and effective but must also be fully accessible to every student, regardless of language or accommodations needed," said Kyle Morton, Founder and Chief Product Officer of HapYak. "These changes will be long lasting and transformational for education. We're excited to bring the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence to save time for teachers, improve experience for students and lower costs for districts.”


Inclusive Communications for All Students and Families

In addition to creating video-based classroom materials, Video L10N helps school districts meet Department of Education equity requirements for English learners and for parents and guardians with limited English proficiency, as well as those that struggle with written communications in general. 


Educators also gain a time-saving solution that fully automates the challenging aspects of meeting accessibility requirements for educational video content creation, and provides a tool to support students with disabilities. Video L10N automatically generates video captions and identifies in-video text and interactive elements to enable hearing, vision and motor impairment accessibility devices. 


The Video L10N platform delivers:

Time savings – At the push of a button, educators can make their video content fully accessible and translated.

Cost savings – AI-powered automation software inexpensively translates content into 120+ languages.

Accessibility goals – Video L10N ensures that both the video technology and video content achieve and exceed school district accessibility requirements.

Equity goals – Video L10N enables schools to meet students and families where they are through the most engaging modality — video — in a way that recognizes their abilities and access points.


“Video L10N allowed Waltham Public Schools to translate videos into multiple languages and removed barriers associated with time and cost,” said Suzana Somers, Instructional Technology Director of Waltham Public Schools, in Waltham, Massachusetts. “Not only is our district more efficient in translating videos, but we are able to create more content and meet accessibility and equity goals.”


Attend a training session to learn all about Video L10N and how the tool is transforming video translations to meet a diverse community of learners. Visit: LINK.


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