TCI’s New Current Connections Provides Teachers With Relevant and Culturally Inclusive Teaching Resources

Posted Mar 03, 2021

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – March 3, 2021 – Now more than ever before, it is important for teachers to keep learning current and engaging and to ensure that resources are relevant and culturally inclusive. To help them achieve this important goal, TCI launched Current Connections, a free collection of regularly updated resources to support teaching current topics, such as Women’s History Month in March. 

“Whether they are teaching remotely, in the classroom, or in a hybrid model, teachers are challenged by ensuring that students are learning with resources that are relevant and allow them to make personal connections to the content,” said Bert Bower, founder, and co-CEO, TCI. “We launched Current Connections as an extension of our commitment to providing all teachers with engaging, culturally sensitive resources for teaching in today’s inclusive classroom. Our team is excited to develop the new collections on an ongoing basis and we look forward to hearing more from teachers about how they are using them.”

The new collections from the award-winning, online K-12 publishing company feature free lessons, primary source activities, biographies, career profiles, and many other resources. For example, the Women’s History Month Current Connections includes free lessons on the trials of Joan of Arc, the Era of Reform, and the Clash Between Traditionalism and Modernism. It also provides primary sources that explore the role and importance of Native American women in their communities. Six free biographies explore Isabella Aiona Abbott, Empress Theodora, Ruth Ella Moore, Deborah Sampson, Gloria Steinem, and Margaret Thatcher.

Current Connections is free and available to all K-12 educators. Its resources can be used in conjunction with any existing social studies and science program, including TCI’s widely adopted programs.

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