Parlay Ideas becomes a Google for Education Build Partner

September 23, 2019

Parlay becomes a Google for Education Build Partner to support K-12 educators in facilitating meaningful and inclusive discussions in every classroom.


TORONTO, September 23, 2019: Parlay is an instructional software tool used by thousands of teachers around the world to have more meaningful and inclusive discussions, providing teachers insights into their students collaboration and learning. Parlay is now a Google for Education Build Partner and is committed to making sure every classroom has the opportunity to experience active learning through more inclusive discussions.

Over 90 million teachers, students, and administration around the world use G Suite for Education. Parlay is compatible with Chromebooks and G Suite, supporting the following integrations:

      - Google account single sign on for teachers and students 

      - Teachers can publish discussions directly to their Google Classroom 

      - Teachers can export engagement data to a Google Sheet stored in their Google Drive 

This will make it easier than ever to make discussions an everyday classroom activity.

“From the beginning we made a conscious effort to build integrations with Google products to make teachers lives easier. We are excited that this partnership is built on a mutual commitment for greater accessibility to world-class technology solutions in K-12 classrooms around the world,” says Bobby McDonald, CEO and Founder of Parlay Ideas.

If you’d like to learn more about Parlay, click here.

About: Parlay Ideas is an education technology company based in Toronto, Canada. Parlay is a software tool that helps teachers spark meaningful and inclusive student discussions that provide teachers with measurable insights on engagement and collaborative learning.


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