HundrED Announces Global Collection 2019 a List of the Most Inspiring K12 Innovations from Around the World

November 13, 2018

Finnish nonprofit seeks to discover and share education innovations that defy global borders

Helsinki, Finland (November 13, 2018) - HundrED, a Finnish education nonprofit, announced its Global Collection 2019, the 2nd annual list of 100 inspiring K12 education innovations taking place around the world and representing 36 countries. Building on the knowledge and data captured in HundrED’s research report, Every Child to Flourish,published earlier this year, the Global Collection 2019 sought to cover every area of the education ecosystem. This year’s selected innovations have made an impact on the lives of children and collectively illustrate the incredible work taking place in the field of education, scaling to a combined total of 120 countries worldwide and serving a combined total of 53 million students and educators across the planet. 

Innovations were nominated over the course of the last year, and were required to adhere to strict search criteria, such as innovativeness, impact and scalability. HundrED utilized scales to compare factors within this criteria such as: human centeredness, mastery of learning and cost effectiveness. Additionally, HundrED analyzed each submission to identify how they addressed an existing problem from a new perspective, measured impact, and evaluated the potential for scale. Then the list was reviewed and vetted through HundrED’s Academy, a multi-stakeholder advisory board to provide feedback from 100 members in 28 countries.

In 2017, the International Commission on Education Financing identified “innovation” as one of four necessary pillars to improve the education sector and transform learning in one generation. To help localized innovations reach their full potential for scale and impact, HundrED identifies and promotes 100 organizations from around the globe that are supporting both incremental and transformational changes in education. The Global Collection 2019 is comprised of nonprofits, for-profits both small and large, and individual projects that have been shown to have marked benefits to learning outcomes, student motivation, efficiency and interpersonal skills.

“This year’s list captures the wave of education and presents an opportunity to see the most innovative, impactful and scalable examples from across the world,” said Jessica Spencer-Keyse, Head of Research at HundrED. ‘The list shows how the future of education is heading towards a more holistic, facilitator based model, which focuses on wellbeing, social skills and gender equity in a really meaningful way.”

To highlight the breadth of the Global Collection 2019, key attributes of the selected innovations include:

Fifty one out of the 100 selected innovations are not-for-profit, 27 are for-profit, 17 are related to classroom and education and are research-based, and seven are government-led initiatives.

The innovations represent the breadth of education through ten thematic areas: breadth of skills, educators,  leadership, basic education, holistic wellbeing, inclusion and diversity, global citizenship, assessment, personalized learning, and youth.

While seven of the innovations are still within a pilot stage, 41 classify themselves as large-scale, with more than 5,000 users in over two countries, and 52 innovations are small-scale with fewer than 5,000 current users.

The selection process found that individual countries and regions often focus on different topic areas within education.

“Each of the individual innovations recognized in HundrED’s Global Collection 2019 has made significant contributions to the lives of children across the world,” said Saku Tuominen, Chairman of HundrED. “Together, these 100 innovations highlight the transformation that is taking place in the field of education, powered by inspiring individuals, organizations and communities which have the ability to tear down the silos that prevent education from spreading cross borders.”

This year, HundrED also recognized an Innovator of the Year, celebrating Kehkashan Basu, Founder of the Green Hope Foundation,  a youth organization working on Education for Sustainable Development, children's rights and environmental protection. She was selected for not only her outstanding ability to make waves of impact in the worlds of both sustainability and education at scale, but also for doing so all under the age of 18 years.

The HundrED Global Collection 2019 list is available at, and includes step-by-step instructions on how to implement these innovations on a local level, and 24/7 support for educators worldwide, for free.

To download HundrED’s 2018 Yearbook which includes a compilation of all of the organizations research and details about the Global Collection 2019, please visit:


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