PD Learning Network and GoEnnounce Partner to Provide Badges for Digital Citizen Training for K12 Students and Parents

Posted Dec 16, 2016

Key partnership boosts education ‘ecosystem’ by bringing together students, parents, educators and EdTech to build competency in creating positive digital footprints

Santa Barbara, CA (December 13, 2016)PD Learning Network (PDLN) announces a new partnership with GoEnnounce to provide digital badge certification for online courses that teach K12 students and their families how to ensure they build positive digital legacies. With separate courses for students and parents, the partnership addresses the concerns and provides support for participation by the whole family in creating a strong online legacy for students as they pursue college admissions, job searches and other opportunities.

“We’re delighted to work with GoEnnounce to provide education for students, parents and educators about how to establish positive digital footprints early on,” said PD Learning Network CEO and co-founder Jennifer Gibson. “With 21st century skills that are central to college and career readiness, PDLN is proud to support students, their families and support networks, and educators with these courses.”

GoEnnounce CEO and co-founder Melissa Davis noted, “We’re thrilled to partner with PDLN to launch our first online class for students. PDLN’s team of credentialed educators provides leading online professional development for teachers and now our students and their families can benefit from the education PDLN offers. “

The first online course partnership certifies students in Digital Citizenship. Students take an online course on GoEnnounce and submit assessments to demonstrate proficiency in these six lessons: Digital Footprint & Safe Social Media Use, Health Safety & Wellness, Digital Etiquette, Digital Literacy & Communication, Digital Commerce, and Cyberbullying. Assessments are then reviewed by PDLN’s team of credentialed educators. Upon completion, students are issued a micro-credential badge that lives on their GoEnnounce Student Page.

“Now students can showcase learned skills, authenticated by a third party, alongside the achievements they are sharing in their own voice,” explained Davis, who co-founded GoEnnounce with her sister Meghan Davis to offer students a safe, social channel to announce, track and share educational and extracurricular details to access opportunities. 

Meghan noted, “According to a 2015 survey by Kaplan, over 40% of college admissions have started to look at a student’s behavior on social media. This means that students need to learn how to be good digital citizens and avoid having their ‘digital footprint’ have a negative impact when it’s time to apply to college or begin their career.”

“Because GoEnnounce offers students the ability to publicize and leverage their accomplishments and goals online, they start to leave a positive digital legacy as early as middle school. Colleges and potential employers will have the ability to see more than just a GPA or test score.”

The partnership recognizes that digital citizenship education is a new realm for all involved. They’ve created parent content videos that mirror the lesson topics the students are learning so schools can provide education to families, in both English and Spanish, to ensure positive social media use is being reinforced at home.   They also offer Teacher PD, specific to how educators can provide ongoing digital citizenship & social media lessons in the classroom.

About PD Learning Network

Professional Development Learning Network (PDLN) creates online EdTech professional development courses for K-12 educators. Badges and micro-badges are awarded based on competency, rather than seat time. PDLN’s team of experienced educators and EdTech trainers curate content and develop original video courses designed to meet the needs of 21st century educators. Assessments are created with the goal of immediate classroom application. A rigorous review system, credentialed reviewers and optional university professional development units ensure the value of PDLN badges. Courses are aligned to international standards.   

About GoEnnounce

GoEnnounce is an award-winning, social media-based network solution for students. It’s a learner profile tool for students to safely display and track their unique academic and extracurricular achievements year after year, to access opportunities. They connect with personal mentors (aunts, uncles, former teachers, coaches), who encourage their progress, and learn from other students around the world as they build a network around their education. Students can also fundraise for their own goals and access exclusive scholarships. Students build a positive digital pathway that highlights their individual accomplishments and certifies their learning and skills, which can be used in the future for admissions and employers.


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