Discovery K12 Online Homeschool Launches Two New Apps

March 15, 2016

New Parent/Teacher Account helps homeschoolers issue transcripts and diplomas.

Discovery K12, Inc., an online homeschool platform and curriculum provider, has launched a Parent/Teacher Account with apps for parents to issue transcripts and diplomas to their children. 

All over the country, parents aren't just homeschooling, they’re establishing homeschool academies and acting as private schools. "Maintaining good records is very important when you homeschool," says Sheri Wells, founder of Discovery K12. "You need to keep records just as a school would such as attendance, test scores, credits, and grades, and our new Parent/Teacher Account helps parents do exactly that."

Grading and transcripts can provide students with motivation and a sense of accomplishment, and will be necessary for those moving on to college. Discovery K12's transcript app lets parents easily produce first semester and end-of-year transcripts and calculate a student's credits and GPA.  "Homeschooled students score far above public school students on standardized tests in every state and every subject, and they should feel extremely proud to have a homeschool diploma making them stand out from the pack," says Wells. "Were excited to offer these new apps to our homeschool families."

Discovery K12 offers a complete, free curriculum for pre-k to twelfth grade with over 16,000 lessons across seven subjects including Reading/Literature, Language Arts, Math, History/Social Studies, Science, Visual/Performing Arts, and Physical Education. It's new Parent/Teacher Account is an optional, premium upgrade and is integrated with the company's online curriculum.

Parents can learn more at: