Clovis Unified School District Focuses on Student and Staff Safety by Adopting Online Risk Management System for 2015-2016 School Year

Posted Sep 08, 2015

The district was initially drawn to PublicSchoolWORKS’ EmployeeSafe Suite for its online training system, but quickly found value in accident reporting for students and staff

Cincinnati, OH (September 8, 2015) Clovis Unified School District (USD), located in the Clovis/Fresno Area in CA, is tasked with ensuring the safety of 41,000 students and more than 6,000 employees in 49 schools, which are spread out across 199 square-miles. To help organize and automate staff safety training, the reporting and tracking of staff and student accidents and more, Clovis USD is implementing PublicSchoolWORKS’ EmployeeSafe Suite and Student Accident Management System this fall.

“In a large district like Clovis USD, it is hard to provide consistent and timely training for all employees,” said Michael Johnston, Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services at Clovis USD. “By moving all of our required training online, we are able to spread training out and save our in-service days for deep discussions about how to improve our district. We’re not losing quality of content, and staff members appreciate that they can do the training on their own time.”

The district was initially interested in EmployeeSafe because of its online staff training. The ability to categorize staff by their training needs and then automatically deploy the appropriate online training courses to each staff category was appealing to the district’s administrators. The district ran a short pilot with administrators to test the online training courses and Student Accident Management System at several schools. A staff survey showed positive feedback from the administrators.

After seeing such positive results, the district moved forward with EmployeeSafe’s Staff Training and Staff Accident Reporting Systems, as well as PublicSchoolWORKS’ Student Accident Management System.  Clovis USD’s human resources department and Johnston are currently in the process of organizing staff members into job categories based on their training needs in preparation for the new school year. The district’s Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Michael Clear, will lead the roll-out of EmployeeSafe’s Staff Accident Reporting System and the Student Accident Management System. He will also be the designated administrator receiving and processing all student and staff accident reports and claims. Clovis USD’s Educational Services department will handle emergency response training and preparation.

“We are a large school district that does not have a designated risk manager, which is unique,” said Johnston. “So the responsibility of risk management falls in pieces to different people. We know it is important, but we do not have someone living and breathing it every day. Instead, it is a small part of everyone’s job. WORKS give us the opportunity to get better at risk management while knowing nothing is getting overlooked.”

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