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The disruption of public education over the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic created numerous hurdles for educators, students and families while also bringing attention to many longstanding concerns. Case in point: The emergency shift to remote learning in districts nationwide required many educators to be trained to deliver lessons via a virtual model they had no prior preparation or experience for — and that training had to be delivered via similar means.

While it had been widely recognized in K-12 that traditional "sit-and-get" approaches to professional development are just as much in need of overhaul as the same approaches for students  and many districts had already taken advantage of alternative approaches like targeted and individualized virtual opportunities and microcredentials — rethinking a both teacher training and classroom learning at the same time was a Herculean task for most.

Still, many rose to the occasion. And for as much as there was that changed due to the pandemic, some things still remain the same.

Personalized learning experiences aligned to individual teachers' goals are still ultimately a goal for many administrators, and training on innovative learning models, new classroom technology, alternative approaches to discipline, teacher leadership and more are still top of mind. And efforts to facilitate these opportunities in informal settings, rather than a conference or strictly defined program, now have more robust infrastructure in place to support them.

And while challenges remain, exploring and embracing those avenues to meet a school or district's goals can be well worth the investment when it comes to creating innovative learning environments that can more readily scale and adadpt to best prepare students for the future. To help keep you in the loop, K-12 Dive will keep this page up to date with new professional development trends and updates throughout the year. Here are some recent highlights from our coverage.


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